Pastel can be a line, contributing
calligraphic and gestural quality to form, or it can be a tonal passage of
color. Strokes can be thick or thin; passages of color can be narrow or broad
with blended or precise contours. It can be applied in a myriad of ways. My
intent is to use this language of line and color to communicate intangible
qualities of my subject while maintaining the unique integrity of the medium.

Typically it is the color palette
of a subject that attracts me to it. The subject presents opportunities that
can be amplified by the rich and diverse color quality of pastel. Color
experience is always a significant characteristic of my paintings.

Pastel is a portable medium
allowing me to continue in the tradition of artists working directly from a
subject. My landscapes are plein aire. The working experience is linked with
the ever-changing environment that presents variables of color, value, and
texture. My stillifes are also tied to the seasonal year and are done from

Mary Padgett

September 2015