Ede Walker

Ede Walker Pottery

I am drawn to primitive pottery from all over the world. These old pots are
honest, unpretentious and the potter's touch remains as part of the vessel. I
can see and feel the energy of another potter's connection with the clay. The
use of geometric designs in much of my work comes from a deep respect of the
artistic skill of these ancient potters.

Most of my work is functional... although a few of my pieces are purely
decorative. I have designed my pottery to be used and enjoyed... light enough
for comfort and yet sturdy enough to be practical. I have tried to develop
forms and glazes that are pleasing both to the eye and the hand.

I do make sets and repeat designs, but there are always variations due to the
nature of the clay, the glazes and... Me! I use stoneware clays and fire my
pots to cone 6 in an oxidation atmosphere.

To quote master potter Clint Swink, referring to the 13th century Mesa Verde
potters of the Four Corners region of the United
States: "Their work exhibits splendid,
simple visual balance and harmony executed by a humanly flawed hand loaded with

This description has become the standard by which I judge my own work.

Contact Information:
Name: Ede Walker
Name of Business: Ede Walker Pottery
Address: Smyrna, NY
Phone: 607-627-6761
Email: edewalkerpottery@gmail.com
Website: edewalkerpottery.com