DeeAnn VonHunke
Earth Alchemy Studio

I have been a creative designer/craftsperson for over thirty years. I started
out working in porcelain, sculpting and wheel throwing large graceful
translucent forms. PMC silver eased the transition from pottery to jewelry. My
work in silver and gemstone is divided between one of a kind personally
inspired pieces, and work that is a custom created collaboration with a

I personally and thoughtfully creatively craft nearly every aspect of each
jewelry piece; often right from selecting the rough mined stone to doing the
lapidary work prior to my visualizing the design and working the silver for the
finished piece.

I use a variety of semi-precious materials collected from around the world and
brought together using multi-step processes, forming thoughts and feelings;
discovery and craft; story and art. I hope you find the same sense of discovery
and fulfillment with my work that the art and craft has provided me.

Contact Information:
Name: DeeAnn VonHunke
Name of Business: Earth Alchemy Studio
Address: 6943 Henderson Ave., Jamesville,
NY 13078

Phone: 315-469-3729