Celeste Friend
Celeste Friend Designs

Originally trained as a professional philosopher and having spent many years

teaching in universities and colleges, most recently at Hamilton

College in Clinton,NY, I spent most of my adult life dealing

with the abstractions and conceptual problems that are the bread and butter of

philosophy. But in 2004, on a lark and almost by accident, I signed up for a

metal arts course at Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute in Utica, NY.

The practicality and concreteness ofworking with metal to

shape and texture it in order to make it conform to an

image in my mind was a welcome return to the practical and material roots of my

New England ancestors. I come from a family of artists,

craftspersons, and people who are very comfortable working with their hands and

turning raw materials into functional and beautiful objects. Making jewelry

full-time feels more true and 'right' for me than being a philosopher ever did.

I am drawn to simple shapes embellished with rich textures, and like to think

that I am making jewelry that we can continue to wear for many years to come. I

am now working full-time on creating and running a jewelry business, Celeste

Friend Designs, out of my home in Utica, N.Y.

Contact Information:
Name: Celeste Friend
Name of Business: Celeste Friend Designs
Address: Utica, NY
Phone: 315-725-5987
Email: celestefriend@gmail.com
Website: celestefriend.com