Become a Member

To become a member of Cazenovia Artisans, start with our jury application.

Our Jury Application is available here in PDF format.

FAQ’s about becoming a member of Cazenovia Artisans

1. How do I become a member of this organization?
We have a two-step jury process. You will first present your self and your
work to the jury committee and then if the committee recommends you and your
work, you will present your work at a monthly meeting of the entire membership.

2. What is the cost of belonging?
We have a monthly assessment that can vary according to expenses. Currently,
the monthly assessment is $135.00.

3. What percentage of the selling price do I give to the Cooperative?
You keep 96% of each item, less 3% for any credit card charge sales.

4. How does the Co-op price my items?
You price each item. You are responsible for keeping inventory of each item in
the shop. Each artist's price tag includes a seller's code that enables the
treasurer to pay you for each item sold.

5. How am I paid?
You receive a check every month.

6. How is sales tax handled?
The co-op collects all sales tax.

7. Who runs the Cooperative?
The members run it. There is an elected board of managers that determines the agenda for the monthly meetings. Each full member is allowed to vote.

8. Will I be a full member when I join?
No, there is a Probationary period of 6 months and an Associate period of 6

9. What is the operating agreement?
This is the agreement we have ail signed that allows the organization to run as
an LLC.

10. Do I have to work in the shop?
Yes. You will be assigned to work approximately 3 to 4, four-hour shifts per
month. You are also expected to work on one committee and attend monthly

11. What criteria do you took for in an applicant?
We look for original, well made arts and crafts. We also look for someone who
can work well with the cooperative members, has the ability to sell others'
work, has initiative and will bring both personal and professional skills to
the shop.

12. How much space will I get? And do I need something to display my
We have no hard fast rule about space. We try to be fair and respectful in
regard to space. We also work closely with the merchandising committee when
making decisions on how best to display the work. The Cooperative has some
displays for general use, and all artisan supplied displays will be approved by
the merchandising committee.