Barbara Decker

I weave cloth on a loom—thread by thread. Producing fabric in this manner is a
contemplative, rhythmic process that makes me feel connected to centuries-old
traditions in many diverse cultures.

The primary concerns in my work are color, design and function. I have a
passion for color and texture and do a good deal of dyeing of yarns to get the
colors I want. I am particularly interested in how colors interact in
juxtaposition with one another. Inspiration for design comes to me from nature,
from art history and historical textiles and from the character of the weave
structure itself.

My current focus is clothing. I don't want to make costumes. I want the woman
to wear the clothes, not let them wear her. I want to make pieces that can be
worn over and over again because they are timeless as well as stylish.

I want my clothing to be WORN, loved, worn to death. I want the people wearing
my pieces to feel terrific! Terrific because what they're wearing is beautiful
and comfortable and makes them feel that way. I want people to come across the
room to look at, touch, and covet the piece.

I try to make my pieces functional. They add color and warmth to people’s lives
as textiles to wear, to walk on, to cushion their heads or to hang on their walls.

My work doesn't have to make a statement. It must be beautiful and make its
owner more beautiful. I want people to smile when they see my weaving.

Contact Information:
Name: Barbara Decker
Address: 9 Franklin Ave., Clinton,
NY 13323
Phone: 315-853-2174