Barbara Rumrill Dahn

Collage Artist 

My father was an archaeologist in the Mohawk Valley and my Mother was a well- known New York State pastel and watercolor artist.  I start this as my introduction because, confusing as it was, their love for their professions had a strong influence on me. All though my degree of study from Syracuse University is in Anthropology, I have taken as many courses in fine arts, including paper making and sculpture.  My husband, Eric Dahn,was my climbing and sailing partner. Our shared experiences expanded and added to the subjects I find myself most drawn to.

Having grown up in the foothills of the Adirondacks, Gloversville
to be exact, and having a Dad who loved the woods and took us hiking and a Mom who was an artist who painted those beautiful wooded places, nature, mountains,woods, and water, influenced me greatly. Those Adirondack places are the most common subjects of my work.  It is my purpose to produce pieces that take the viewer into a place that reflects my experience. The places I love and serenity of existence in that place.

Most of my work is collage.  I “paint” my pieces with handmade papers, either my own or the decorative paper made as an art form in many place around the world.  I also use fibers, inks, paint, prints, stamps and what ever else is on my desk.  It is very much a layering process with the use of color creating depth and other elements, fibers and inks mostly, to create detail.  I will start with a color pallet, thinking about a season, or light in a deep woods and work from distance into foreground. At times I find that my pieces become somewhat abstract, however, there is still an element of nature, a place I wish to take the viewer even in the abstract.  

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Barbara Rumrill Dahn

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